EMC measurements, development and production at the center of science in Berlin

Range of Services

In 1986 we developed our  first interference suppression filter - since then we have become one of the leading providers of EMC solutions. The basis for this success was the experience of more than 100 years of development and production of electromechanical controllers, transformers and rectifiers.

Today, our range of services covers the following areas:

  • EMC suppression in electrical systems
  • EMC solutions for all industrial sectors such as renewable energies, e-mobility, mechanical and plant engineering
  • Highly customized products such as HF transformers or non-saturable chokes
  • Consulting and measurements on all aspects of EMC
  • Conception, projecting and implementation of solutions in the field of automation technology and robotics

For all areas, we offer our customers the best possible solutions. The individual consultation always comes first.

Range of Products

Corporate Structure

As a medium-sized company, we have a dynamic structure that enables short development times and fast delivery to the customer. Thanks to our own measuring laboratory and in-house production of EMC products as well as metal and housing parts, all customer solutions can be effectively produced. Our engineers and designers are at your disposal for you and implement your specifications down to the last detail.

We develop and manufacture in Germany and rely on sustainable production methods. For large quantities, we can also rely on our partner network to operate effectively worldwide. Order directly from us and get to know our FUSS-EMV service team today!

Production and Developement in Berlin


FUSS-EMV has implemented measures to reduce CO2 emissions in the newly built company facility in Berlin-Adlershof. A 65 kWp photovoltaic system and geothermal heating together result in a CO2 reduction of approx. 74 tonnes per year.

The product range and working methods of a company are also an important part of green technology. On the one hand, FUSS-EMV specializes in problem solutions for renewable energy systems. In addition, we develop and manufacture in Germany: The result is flexibility and the highest quality with short transport routes and delivery times.

The recycling of old products also plays a key role in a clean future. Therefore, you can return any old or defective FUSS-EMV products to us at any time. We will then take care of the proper disposal.

Sustainability at FUSS-EMV