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No matter the distance, between an electric drive and the electrical supply grid, power electronic devices are responsible for the control tasks. Thus, power electronic devices are used in a wide variety of applications and particular requirements due to specific topologies may emerge. By way of example, applications where high speed drives are fed through a few hundreds of meters demand special attention.

To this end it is necessary to comply with the electromagnetic compatibility regulations which demand the utilization of both line filter at the grid side and motor chokes at the output side of the energy conversion device. The filtering of the switching voltages generated by power semiconductor devices increases the lifetime of the motor as well as the other components of the powertrain. Noise and vibrations during operation are significantly reduced.

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When operated directly on a frequency converter without a Sinusoidal Filter, electrical machines generate higher losses and more noise due to distortion currents. In addition, the motor insulation suffers from the steep voltage rises of the PWM signal of the frequency converter. By using Sinusoidal Filters the phase-to-phase voltages become sinusoidal and therefore the longevity of the motor is increased.

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Common-mode noise generates high-frequency emissions of the motor cables and can cause bearing damage in ventilation, pump and other systems. The use of Common Mode Filters reduces common mode noise to a minimum, allowing long and unshielded motor cables to be used without any problem and avoiding potential costly engine damage. Also available as space-saving All-Pole Sinusoidal Filters in which the necessary Sinusoidal Filter is already integrated.

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Do you have common-mode problems with extra-long motor cables and need to retrofit an existing system inexpensively and in a space-saving manner? Then Common Mode Cores are the right choice for your application! They reduce the common mode currents in the system and thus protect output filters, motor cables and the motor.

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Frequency converters generate high-frequency interference and can degrade the quality of the supply grid, disrupting other equipment in the area. The use of EMC Filters allows you to keep high frequency interference away from the mains and devices in compliance with the standards! By using additional Line Reactors the harmonic current components get attenuated and the THDi gets improved.

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