The story of our company

1908, the company was founded in Berlin Pankow by the engineer Max Fuss. Four years later, he received an imperial patent for an electromagnetic voltage controller which was, at that time, a groundbreaking innovation to ensure a stable operation of electrical generators. This successful product became the foundation of the further corporate development.

1937, the company Max Fuss GmbH moved to a newly erected manufacturing building in Berlin-Hermsdorf. Due to the Invention of transistors in the 1960s, the company focused on the production of special heating and transformers.

1986, the first radio interference filter was designed for elevator construction and then built in serial production. Because of the introduction of the CE-sign and the enacting of the EMC-law in 1993, the EMC segment of Ing. Max Fuss GmbH & Co KG was continually expanded. With the development of the ISUVOC 100+ in 2009, our company offered its first active filter that is able to regulate harmonics and oscillations voltage-based.

Since 2006, FUSS-EMV is located on the WISTA site in Berlin-Adlershof. The company building was then supplemented in 2010 again by an extension. EMC, Power Quality, filters for renewable energies and e-mobility are the main business segments of Ing. Max Fuss GmbH & Co KG today, which is also known under the registered trademark FUSS-EMV. Customer orientation, flexibility and innovative products will convince you, too - we look forward to meeting you!