Components for EMC and Power Quality

Energy, control, transport and information technology use state-of-the-art, fast-switching systems that can interfere or burden the supply grid, nearby components and loads.

Thus, measures for the electromagnetic compatibility of a product are not only mandatory for functional reasons and to protect the other components – even the EMC laws and standards must be complied with by the manufacturers of electrical equipment.

You can order suitable line filters (EMI filters), motor chokes, sine filters or other suppression combinations from our standard program directly from us. We also develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions in small quantities. We look forward to your inquiry!

Product Ranges

Reactors and EMI Filters

Here you will find line and DC link chokes for the reduction of harmonics as well as passive EMC filters for the attenuation of high-frequency EMC interference in the range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz.

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Output reactors and filters

Our standard product range includes motor chokes for high cable lengths, du / dt filters as well as sine and common mode filters for optimum control of motors with frequency converters and reduction of high voltage gradients or common-mode noise.

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Common Mode Cores

Common-mode-cores are an effective measure to reduce common-mode-interference and they can be easily installed over the supplying cables of any drive system.

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Medium and high frequency Transformers

We manufacture customer-specific medium and high frequency transformers for e-mobility and other areas.

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Air Coils

Customer-specific, non-saturable air coils to effectively limit all current spikes to protect sensitive components in your system.

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Partial Discharge Filter

Partial discharges occur in media with inhomogeneous field courses by electron emission of free charge carriers, caused by external influences. With the help of the TE filter, a partial discharge level of ≤ 10 pC is achieved when the test field is correctly set up. This is needed, for example, to be able to operate test fields for transformers.

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Siemens Product Partner for Drives Option

As an Approved Partner of Siemens in the field of EMC, we offer specific suppression solutions for the Siemens converter series 'Sinamics G'. Our components can usually be ordered freestanding or in an IP20 housing with the corresponding inverter foot print for stacked assembly. We are happy to develop the right filter solution for your Siemens drive!

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