Motor Reactors

  • for a reduction of the current ripple and improvement of dU/dt
  • for three phase grid
  • rated voltages 400, 480 or 690 V
  • rated currents up to 124 A, larger currents possible on request
  • 50/60 Hz rotating field, higher frequencies possible on request
  • up to 300 m shielded motor cable, depending on switching frequency

dU/dt Filters

  • For effective reduction of the voltage gradients and damping of overshootsfor three phase grid
  • rated currents from 6 to 610 A
  • protection class IP20, protection class IP00 from 80 A and up
  • up to 60 Hz rotating field and 8 kHz switching frequency
  • customer-specific development on request

Sinusoidal Filters

  • for smoothing phase-to-phase voltages and phase currents
  • for a quiet and smooth operation
  • for three phase grid
  • rated voltages 230, 400 or 690 V
  • rated currents up to 1000 A
  • LVD filters with lower voltage drop
  • up to 60 or 120 Hz rotating field frequency
  • optional IP20 hoods available on request
  • IG variants already offer an IP20 housing and an additional common-mode choke
  • customer-specific sine filters for higher speeds or currents available on request

Common Mode Filters

  • for filtering line-earth voltages and common-mode currents
  • Reduction of bearing and leakage currents as well as cable emissions
  • can only be used in combination with sine filters!
  • rated currents up to 200 A
  • nominal voltage 400 V
  • switching frequency 6 kHz and higher
  • protection class IP20
  • customer-specific developments on request

All-pole Sinusoidal Filters

  • a combination of sine and common mode filters – the perfect solution for your motor
  • Through the use of all-pole sine filters, unshielded motor cables can also be used without problems!
  • for three-phase 400 V grids
  • rated currents up to 80 A
  • from 3, 6 or 16 kHz switching frequency
  • also available as ULVD version with very low voltage drop
  • protection class IP20
  • customer-specific developments on request