Siemens Product Partner for Drives Option

Specific filter solutions for the Siemens converter series 'Sinamics G'

We develop and produce tailored line reactors, motor chokes and (all-pole) sine-wave filters for your frequency inverter or you can fall back on our existing product series for Siemens inverters that is suitable for stacked assembly:

  • line chokes and motor chokes (also available as a combination in one housing: 3AFDKD), sine filters and all-pole sine filters are available
  • for three-phase grids
  • nominal voltages 400 or 690 V
  • rotating field frequencies up to 60 or 200 Hz
  • possible switching frequencies starting from 2 or 4 kHz

You can find an overview of our standard footprint mountable filter solutions in our cross reference PDF.

If you have any questions, please call us. We are happy to help. You can reach us under the telephone number +49 30 633 13 19 100 or send your request by e-mail to