Power Generation and Energy Storage

Energy generation and storage are essential branches of technology, which assure the energy supply in our everyday life.

The improvements in the field of power electronics allow the intelligent management of power generation systems. The energy conversion between different voltage levels is carried by power electronic systems as well. The actual mix of energy generation technologies from photovoltaic systems, wind turbines to fossil fuel power stations sets a wide variety of requirements both to the consumer and to the electrical grid.

The utilization of FUSS-EMV products guarantees the Network-operator-compliant power generation while protects equipment and devices. We are willing to offer you our technical support in order to achieve an effective operation according with the electromagnetic compatibility standards.

Photovoltaic modules generate direct current that must be converted to alternating current in order to be able to feed it into the grid. The inverters used for this purpose generate unwanted interference voltages and harmonics. Our DC Filters between the inverter and the module field decouple the system components for high frequencies and reduce interference signals. Line Reactors and EMC Filters are used on the mains side to reduce harmonics and to hold off high-frequency signals from the mains.

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For a clean feeding into the grid, the switching frequency components of the inverter signal must be filtered as well. A Sinusoidal Filter generates a sinusoidal voltage from the pulse pattern of the inverter. The Sinusoidal Filter has to be connected between the inverter and the line-side EMC filter.

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Very long, shielded cables can cause high common-mode noise. With the help of Common Mode Cores, you can easily retrofit your system in order to achieve an attenuation of the resulting common-mode currents and thus reduce stress on the components of the system.

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